SD Membrane Air Dryers

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Atlas Copco’s SD Membrane Air Dryers with pre-filters remove oil, particles and moisture from compressed air in the most demanding conditions. They ensure the lowest pressure drop and purge air loss for the highest possible efficiency – saving you time and money through your production process. From small spaces to environments with fluctuating ambient temperatures, SD air dryers can perform in a wide variety of harsh and critical conditions. Two models are available, each with a range of performance, to offer you the exact air treatment you require.

Capacity FAD (l/s): 1.5 – 55 l/s
Capacity FAD (m³/h, cfm): 3.2 – 116.6 cfm
Working pressure: 102 – 190 psig

Customer benefits

Versatility – SD air dryers perform in all sorts of areas: small spaces, areas where flexible mounting is required, high vibration areas and in widely fluctuating temperatures.

Safety assurance
– SD air dryers provide dry air in environments with strict safety or environmental requirements. These include low flow environments, areas without an electrical supply, explosion-proof facilities, noise-sensitive and corrosion-sensitive areas.

Clean and dry air for critical applications – Because they are not powered by electricity, SD dryers function safely in environments that must be explosion-proof, such as laboratories. Thanks to their quiet operation, they can be used close to the workplace.

Optimal efficiency – SD Membrane Air Dryers contain thousands of hollow fibers with an innovative inner coating. Compared to conventional membrane dryers, this unique coating increases the separation efficiency between water vapor and oxygen and nitrogen, giving an unprecedented low air leakage and the lowest purge air loss.

Flexibility in choice
– SD air dryers are available in two models, each with a different Pressure Dew Point Suppression. This choice of performance ensures that, regardless of your production environment and demands, there is an SD dryer to meet your needs.

Energy savings
– Due to the straightforward design of the SD air dryer, compressed air has no twists and turns to make inside the housing. This leads to minimal pressure drop and utmost efficiency throughout the drying process.

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