ND Heat of Compression Rotary Drum Air Dryers

ND 1800 dryer adsorption dryer watercooled
ND 1800dryer adsorption dryerwatercoole_lektronikon
ND 1800 dryer adsorption dryer watercooled top view

For high quality, dry air downstream from your oil-free compressor, Atlas Copco’s ND Heat of Compression Rotary Drum Air Dryers meet your needs perfectly. Providing energy-efficient drying by using heat of compression, they are the perfect solution for applications requiring pressure dew points as low as -45°C/-49°F. You benefit from a reliable process, impeccable end products, and the lowest total cost of ownership. What’s more, they offer outstanding energy efficiency. Compared to other desiccant air dryers that can consume up to 15% of the compressed air, the ND air dryer guarantees 100% flow capacity at the output.

Capacity FAD (cfm): 2120 – 5297 cfm
Working pressure: 60 – 250 psig

Customer Benefits

High Efficiency – ND Heat of Compression Rotary Drum Air Dryers are characterized by no loss of compressed air, zero purge by design, low pressure drop and no filtration requirements, all of which contribute to increased efficiency. A Variable Speed Drive (VSD) dryer version is available to match VSD compressors.

Low Maintenance – The combination of an easy to service vessel, minimal maintenance downtime and long service intervals reduces your maintenance time and costs.

Environmentally Friendly – ND air dryers are totally oil-free and use no Freon or CFCs, and a minimal amount of desiccant (only 5-10% of conventional adsorption dryers). 95% of all components can be recycled, and the units have very low noise levels.

Small Footprint – The small footprint of ND Heat of Compression Rotary Drum Air Dryers means they take up minimal space in your facility.

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