Hot Weather & Air Compressors

Warm weather is on its way – and in the south, it can be downright blazing. We all know that our machines are not always fond of the high temperatures. Plus, with the addition of humidity, condensate in the air can cause a strain on performance. Now your air compressor is running hot. That is […]

Save On Your Compressed Air System

1. Turn It OffThere are 168 hours in a week, but most compressed air systems only run at or near full capacity between 60-100 hours. Depending on your shift pattern, turning your compressors off during the evenings and weekends could reduce your energy bills up to 20%. 2. Fix Existing LeaksA quarter-inch air leak at […]

Updated Safe Quality Food Certification

The SQF Institute is introducing their new Safe Quality Food Manual on May 24, 2021. This is important for ALL Food Production and Processors. At least an annual test for contaminates (particulates, oil, water, etc.) and verification of maintenance and filtration is the new standard for certification going forward. Ensure you meet Requirements by getting a professional […]

History Highlight: The Rock Drill

“One of the greatest … engineering feats of the age.” – from the newspaper the Michigan Argus, September 22, 1871 The Mount Cenis Tunnel was the first great Alpine tunnel and one of the first major uses of compressed air technology. The project was the brainchild of Italian engineer Germain Sommeiller who invented an improved […]