Upgrades to Remote Monitoring Systems

remote monitoring atlas copco a10 compressed air services

The concept of connected devices has technically been around for several decades. It wasn’t until the late 1990’s that the term – the Internet of Things (IoT) – was coined by Kevin Ashton of Procter & Gamble. Today, IoT is a huge buzzword that includes GPS-based location sensing, security cameras, cell phones and whole host […]

Oil-Sealed vs. Dry Vacuum Pumps

A10 Air Oil Sealed vacuum pumps vs dry vacuum pumps

Currently, there are a wide variety of vacuum pumps available to suit most applications. Oil-sealed pumps have been a workhorse in the industrial markets for decades, but more applications are seeing the benefits of dry vacuum pumps in both performance and maintenance costs. Oil-sealed pumps Oil-sealed pumps – rotary vane, piston, and flooded screw – […]

7 Tips for Safe Use of Compressed Air

safe use of air compessors A10 Compressed Air Services

Compressed air is an increasingly common utility in workspaces around the world from factories to construction sites. Although it may seem easy to operate, compressed air can become dangerous if used incorrectly. Here’s what you need to know when it comes to safe operation. Compressed air safety tips Schedule routine maintenance. Work with your compressed […]

Single Stage Vs. Dual Stage Rotary Vane Pumps

GVD Vacuum A10 Compressed Air

Oil-sealed rotary vane pumps are mainstays in industrial vacuums with a wide variety of applications. Typical rotary vane pumps are offered in single-stage and two-stage designs depending on the application and process requirements. Both types are oil-sealed, sliding vane pumps that use plates, or vanes, in an offset rotor to create a volume to compress […]

Enhanced Low Pressure Blower Increases Cost Effectiveness and Reliability

Atlas Copco ZL VSD oil-free lobe blower

Lobe blowers have long been a perfect match for harsh environments due to its reliability and limited need for supervision. They can operate in high-ambient temperatures or high altitudes without issue through use of its cooling system and integrated safety and start-up valve. Atlas Copco recently introduced an enhanced version of the ZL VSD oil-free […]

A10 Supports a Purple Heart

A10 Compressed Air Services is proud to serve our nation’s veterans. This week, A10 President Jervey Inglesby and about a dozen other volunteers worked with Purple Heart Homes to build a 60 feet-long wheelchair ramp for wounded veteran Carl Murphy. Purple Heart Homes is a charity group founded in 2008 by John Gallina and Dale […]

We Have a Winner!

  Folks, we appreciate everyone’s participation in the Name the Warthog Contest. We received so many great name suggestions. You’ve all supplied much fun with this process. We narrowed it down to a few great names and are proud to have finally named our hog, “Big Billy.” In the end, the choice had much to do […]

How to Choose the Right Air Compressor

It’s always good to have options. But when it comes to picking out the right air compressor, the multitude of choices can quickly get overwhelming. Fortunately, once you know what the various terms mean – and how they apply to you – making the choice becomes much simpler.

Is Your Air as Clean as You Think?

We all know that clean air is good and polluted air is bad. But what exactly are the markers that define high- or low-quality air? While each industry has its own unique standards and requirements for air quality, there are three major elements that nobody wants to see in their air.