Our Mission

Mission Statement | A10 Compressed Air

To provide a mutually beneficial partnership with progressive air compressors business, employees, industry, environment and community.

Business support: Commitment to remaining current on the latest technologies, promotion of the newest products and leaders in sales growth. To develop a team that competes at the highest level with real goals and expectations. To meet and exceed all of our vendor goals and expectations. To be the leader in customer communications and to exceed their expectations also.

Employee supported: To provide employee financial opportunity through an engagement that is governed by full employee ownership.

Industry supported: Any compressed air, blower and vacuum users within the industrial, government and medical.

Environment support: To provide energy conservation opportunity to our clients thru compressed air auditing and thorough initial design consideration for plant air systems. Also, includes consideration for compressed air related oil and waste disposal.

Community support: To pledge first 10 percent of bottom line profits to support of military families. We find this to be important to feel a sense of community mission that motivates all the A10 team members every day.

A10 Compressed Air Services provides a full range of Atlas Copco air compressors, products and Universal custom air systems for companies in South Carolina. For more information, Call (864) 605-7792 or email sales@a10air.com.