Compressors: Five Tips to Beat the Summer Heat

It’s almost summertime, which means things are about to heat up in South Carolina. The high temperatures will put a lot of stress on your air compressors. If you don’t take the necessary precautions, you can upset production.

Compressors: Five Tips to Beat the Summer Heat Prepare your plant’s compressors for the summer heat with these simple tips:

1) Check drains. – Much more condensate (vapor and liquid) will come out of your compressors in the summer humidity. Make sure your drains are in prime condition to handle the extra flow.

2) Clean coolers. – Blocked or clogged coolers can cause your compressors to overheat on hot summer days. Clean out each cooler before the temps start rising.

3) Change air and oil filters. – Your compressor will run cooler and use less energy if the air and oil filters are clean. Dirty filters cause pressure drops, which the machine must overcome.

4) Check ventilation. – The compressor room’s ventilation system should be checked and adjusted to ensure sufficient airflow for the room.

5) Adjust water-cooling system. – On water-cooled compressors, adjust the temperature of water entering the compressor so it’s cool enough for summer conditions.

Beat the Heat

At A10, we can help you prepare your plant’s air compressors for summer with a Beat the Heat Inspection. Our technicians will inspect your equipment and make sure everything is in top shape to handle the high temps. Call us at 864-605-7792 to schedule your inspection.